Hauora - Well-being.

Maori have a unique philosophy about well-being. We liken it to a whare, a house. 

For a house to be sturdy, the walls must be equal in strength and symmetry*. In this instance, the four walls are the different facets of well-being. 

1. Your body.
2. Your mind.
3. Your friends and family.
4. Your beliefs and values.

Health is more than eating right and exercising regularly. It’s your mindset, your actions, your words. If you want to be truly happy and healthy, you must invest equal energy into improving all areas of your life. 

Losing weight is like renovating. Your house looks and feels different. Better. But it’s still the same house. A hole in the roof won’t go away no matter how many pretty pictures you hang or how big your television is. 

Needless to say, this month my focus is on mental health. I intend to strengthen each of these “walls” until I’m the best damn house on the block. How about you?

*Sources: Mason Durie’s Whaiora: Māori Health Development. Auckland: Oxford University Press, 1994, page 70.

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  • Posted: 01 May 2013